Bibliography of Frank H. Winter

Page Last Updated: 14 March, 2019

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Works in Progress:

Book, working title, Creators of the V-2 Rocket: A Selected Who's Who.

Book, working title, Lone Experimenter An Assessment of the Accomplishments of Robert H. Goddard.

Book, working title, The Complete Book of Asian Rocket Festivals. The book is part of the International Partnership Among Museums (IPAM) scholarship won from the American Association of Museums.

Section 1 [aka Chapter 1], “The First Seven Hundred Years –-The Gunpowder Era [Ca. 13th century to 1900] [30,000 words], in the planned book, History of British Rocketry [tentative title), to be published by the British Interplanetary Society, Dr. John Becklake, ed., planned for release 2018.